3 Immediate Actions to Undertake When You Experience a Tyre Puncture at Night

14 December 2015
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Driving at night can be daunting by itself, but it can really stress you out when you have to deal with a punctured tyre. If you don't know how to replace your own tyres or if you're too scared to step out of your car at night, follow these actionable steps to handle the puncture in your tyres in the middle of the night.  

Halt on the Side of the Road & Put on Your Emergency Lights

You naturally cannot drive once you tyre has punctures, so pull the car over to the side of the road gently and put on your emergency lights. This will help other drivers see you from afar, so they will stay clear of your vehicle. Failing to put on your emergency lights may result in some drivers not noticing you on the road, which could ultimately lead to fatal accidents. Never stop in the middle of any road, especially on busy highways because high-speed vehicles can easily clip you from behind.

To stay as safe as possible, lock your car doors and windows and put on your emergency lights until help arrives. If you have a portable warning light or reflective triangle, place it at a distance behind your car to alert drivers.

Call an Emergency Mobile Mechanic   

Find an emergency mobile mechanic near your location and get them to come to you as soon as possible. Make sure you are as clear as possible with your location. Even if you can't pinpoint your specific location, giving them the road name should be enough. Be as specific as possible about your punctured tyre. You can let the mobile mechanic know whether you have a working spare or whether they need to get a new tyre. Give them details of your car model and number plate registration, so they can find you easily with the right tools and equipment.

Get Your Tyres Replaced of They Are Damaged

While some small punctures can easily be fixed through patchwork, larger holes and damage will need the car tyre to be replaced. If replacement is your best option, it's ideal to follow the recommendation of the mobile mechanic. While it may be a tad more expensive than a fix, it is certainly a safer choice, especially if you don't want your tyres to give way a little further down the road at night. If your mobile mechanic undertakes a quick fix solution for the puncture, be sure to get your car checked thoroughly the next day to ensure that all your tyres are in good working condition.