Is It Time Your Car Needed Wheel Alignment?

29 December 2015
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When you're driving and you notice that your vehicle is drifting to one side and that you need to steer away from the center to remain driving straight, you know it is time for a wheel alignment. This situation may be caused when you hit a huge pothole or directly hit a curb while parking your vehicle. Both would knock your wheels out of alignment. However, drifting towards one side can also be caused by other issues. Read More 

3 Immediate Actions to Undertake When You Experience a Tyre Puncture at Night

14 December 2015
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Driving at night can be daunting by itself, but it can really stress you out when you have to deal with a punctured tyre. If you don't know how to replace your own tyres or if you're too scared to step out of your car at night, follow these actionable steps to handle the puncture in your tyres in the middle of the night.   Halt on the Side of the Road & Put on Your Emergency Lights Read More 

Three Tips To Looking After Your Tyres

10 September 2015
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Good tyres are crucial to the safety of your car, so it is imperative to establish a regular maintenance routine. Follow these handy tips to extend the life of your tyres and to keep you comfortable and protected on the road. Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure It is imperative that you inflate your tyres correctly. Look out for the tyre placard, usually located on the fuel filter flap, door edge or glove box, that notes the correct pressure. Read More 

Resolving a Vehicle Defect Notice

19 March 2015
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If your car is issued with a vehicle defect notice ("yellow sticker"), the police are concerned that your vehicle is unroadworthy to the point it will be a danger to you and other road users. The defect notice will mention the time that you can drive the car unrestricted, after which time you can only drive the car to a repairer, a home or to an inspection points. Luckily many issues that can earn you a vehicle defect notice can be fixed in less than a day, for an affordable amount. Read More