A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Caster Wheels for Home Furniture Projects

12 August 2016
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Making your own furniture at home can allow you to create pieces that are perfectly suited to your needs and which are functional as well as attractive. Many furniture pieces will need caster wheels added to the bottom for mobility and support; even if you weren't think of adding these wheels, putting them under bookcases, dressers, and other such pieces can make it much easier to move them as needed. Note a few simple tips for choosing the right caster wheels for your home furniture projects.


Caster wheels are made to hold a particular amount of weight and if they're expected to support something heavier, they may simply lock up or allow a piece to tip forward. There are two things to remember about choosing the right weight of caster wheels; one is to consider how many wheels you're adding to the piece. If one caster wheel holds 100 pounds and you're putting four wheels under a piece, you have 400 pounds of capacity from your wheels.

Another consideration is that your pieces will weigh more when you add things to them! When you make a bookcase, note the weight of the books inside if you expect to move it without taking out all those books; do the same for dressers, toolboxes, and other pieces. Choose caster wheels that will support the weight of the furniture when in use and not simply when it's empty.


What flooring will be under the caster wheels? If it's tile, wood, or some other material that may get easily damaged, you want a smooth rubber wheel that won't leave marks behind. If it's carpeting, you'll want something with a deep tread so you get traction. Rubber is also better for pieces you will use in a workshop where there might be electrical cords on the floor and for carpeting; if you get a shock from static electricity, that rubber will help to ground the electrical circuit and keep you protected.


If you're adding wheels to an office chair, you probably want them to fully swivel so you can easily turn the chair around as you roll it. However, for items like a bookcase or dresser that you may only move in one direction, you can opt for caster wheels that only move in one direction as well. Not only are these usually more affordable but they may help keep larger pieces steady as you try to move them.