Car Servicing | 3 Instant Actions When Your Engine Displays Signs Of Overheating

12 August 2016
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An overheated engine can prove damaging not just to your car, but also to your safety while you drive. Taking proactive steps to handle the situation when your engine displays signs of overheating will help you avert a major disaster. After these quick actions save you from excessive trouble, make sure you head over to a professional car servicing company to get the problem resolved instantly. 

Turn Off The Cooling System And Pull Down Windows

A faulty cooling system could result in an overheated engine. The air conditioning system inside your car adds strain to the engine as it runs, so if the engine starts to overheat, be sure to turn off the AC and roll down your windows. This lowers the load on the engine and helps it to cool down faster. In some instances, the problem may exist because of a fault with your air conditioner components. In other instances, it could be because of poor quality refrigerant causing the system to overheat. After shutting off the air conditioner, you may want to turn on the heater slightly to draw out heat from the engine. If the engine cools down, then you know there's a fault with the AC system. A car servicing company will inspect the problem more thoroughly.

Head To The Side Of The Road And Park It For A While

If you see smoke coming out of your bonnet while driving, then your engine is displaying signs of overheating. Pull over to the side of the road and idle the engine before turning it off. This causes the water pump and fan to speed up, which draws more air and liquid into the radiator to cool it down. Wait for a little while until your car stops steaming. Don't add cool water to a hot engine because you will cause some components to crack under the extreme heat changes. Let the car cool down naturally before adding some water. You can now drive your vehicle to a car servicing station to get it checked.

Check For Visible Signs Of Coolant Leaks

Once the vehicle has cooled down, you may want to check for signs of coolant leaks within the engine because this may be the reason for the overheating. You will need to check the coolant tank to see whether the fluid is enough or whether it is too low. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or around the refrigerant lines. If you notice these visibly, then call a car servicing company to tow your car immediately to the nearest service station. If there are no signs, drive slowly until you get to a mechanic.

Overheating is caused because of several factors. These temporary actions will help you prevent long-term damage until you can get to a car servicing company.